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Starcount is a data science company blending proprietary technology and machine learning with a deep expertise in data-based insights. Experts in the science of purchase and intent, we hand you the tools and power to take control of your data. This will transform your understanding of your customers and enhance business performance.

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How we do it

Most companies understand just two dimensions of data: who their customers are and what they’ve bought. We know this space. Our founders pioneered it. Over the past 15 years we have championed functional loyalty with the biggest retailers and consumer goods organisations across the world.
Why are we different today? We now understand emotional analytics. Fuelled by global, realtime and diverse datasets, we work with you to navigate and map your target customers and their passions, predicting future buying behaviour. We can find patterns in seemingly irrational behaviour. We know data is truth.

What We Deliver

Enterprise Consultancy

Enterprise Consultancy

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What our clients say about us

“Sparks, which currently has over 6 million members, is a key tool for customer insight and engagement and central to helping M&S become a digital-first retailer. Starcount, led by Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby, will utilise its pioneering and innovative approach and technology to map out customer passions in order to predict future buying behaviour.”
Marks & Spencer
“What Humby and Dunn are now doing to understand Customers Motivations, Mindsets and Passions is likely to be as revolutionary for the wider marketing community as their previous innovation based on Grocery loyalty Cards”
Don Edward Schultz
Professor Emeritus of Service – Northwestern University’s Medill School
“Twitter advertising was brought back into consideration for our marketing budget after Starcount successfully proved with their insight and targeting through Twitter that they could match or beat our CPAs in our previously best performing channels.”
Stuart Brann
Performance Marketing Director – Barclaycard
“Investec offers an exclusive, highly targeted service in personal banking. Starcount is providing us a huge amount of valuable insight into what makes our customers and prospects tick, in and outside of the bank, which in turn helps us design better creative and relevant offers to shape and drive our new campaign.”
Iain Clark
Head of Retail Marketing – Investec
“Starcount is now expanding its understanding of consumers by applying proven approaches – not just to customer data or the rich social network data revealing consumer passions and behaviours – but also to powerful third party financial data. By exploring these rare and complementary data sets, they are able to help companies understand where consumers choose to spend their two most valuable resources – their time and their money.”
Sir Terry Leahy
Director and Investor in Starcount
“Keeping our finger on the pulse of what our audiences love is crucial to Fremantle’s content strategy. We know the audience profile most desirable to our advertisers and Starcount is able to offer granular insight into what they’re passionate about. Starcount has impacted our long term digital content strategy and changed some of our pre-perceptions of our audiences.”
Katharine Lewis
SVP Strategy & operations – Fremantle Media
“For years now content owners and brands have sought to learn more about their audiences with data, but have seldom turned this to their advantage. But with Starcount’s revolutionary ability to provide insight into not just the ‘active audience’ but the passive ‘watching audience,’ producers can now create content tailor made to any audience. It makes the well-documented efforts of Netflix to use data in their acquisition and commissioning strategy look tiny by comparison.”
Jon Davenport
Director – Fable Media
“The future of competitive advantage hinges on our ability to process and act upon the constant flow of information available to deliver value to people beyond our products – to create affinity for our brands by not only what they do, but what they mean to the individual and/or world at large. This is the unprecedented opportunity that Social and data about people’s lives offers us.”
Shawn O’Neal
VP Global of Marketing Data & Analytics – Unilever
“Starcount offers our clients a new way of tracking their customer behaviour, and understanding peoples real passions based on their social connections. The robust data provides live insights which can change the way we approach communications.”
Lucas Brown
Chief Strategy Officer – Total Media
“Jack Wills is always looking at new ways to understand what our customers love and how they live their life so that we can bring the best of our creativity to the fore. Starcount is helping us to better understand who our loyal and passionate advocates are, what they like most and, to find more like them, all over the world.”
Peter Williams
CEO – Jack Wills

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Our Team

Starcount has a first rate team of intellectually diverse experts, who are willing to be judged on financial outcomes. We are problem solvers, not just data scientists and software engineers but experienced customer storytellers. We can build intelligent customer journeys and we can embed knowledge and decision tools into transactions systems (even those behind firewalls). We can help you find a true and sustainable competitive edge.

Our business has been built on the integrity and reputation of its leaders over the last 25 years with our client list and business impact being testament to this. Although we focus on continuous improvement and investment in innovation, we are pragmatic and always mindful of the urgencies and priorities of the day job – and the team on the day job.

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