Starcount media coverage for work on M&S and recognition for our founders

Starcount has received some impactful media coverage of late, focusing on our client work and recognition of the seminal work of our founders.

In an article in this This Is Money Starcount’s work on the M&S Sparks card was referenced in relation to an article about M&S’s digital transformation. The article said: ‘If you’re a M&S Sparks card holder, prepare for a total relaunch. M&S has drafted in Starcount – a firm headed up by Dunnhumby founders Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby, who were behind Tesco’s Clubcard – to overhaul the loyalty scheme, which launched in 2015 but is not currently living up to expectations.’

Meanwhile Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby have been recognised with honorary doctorates from Kingston University. Addressing hundreds of students graduating from the University’s Kingston Business School during a ceremony at the borough’s Rose Theatre, the couple shared the life lessons learned in their 36 years together  with Dunn explaining the importance of finding a business partner with complementary skills.

“I’m not a believer in worrying about what you can’t do  my management style is based on working with someone who is my complete opposite,” she said. “Find your opposite and you can be three times more amazing than if you find someone like you.”

Edwina Dunn was also named one of 100 Women to watch last month in a supplement which was launched as part of the Female FTSE report by Cranfield School of Management. She was praised for her work at Starcount and how it measures ‘global tastes and trends of 1.7 billion people across 12 of the world’s largest social networks.’ They also highlighted the fact she ‘reinvented customer relationship marketing’ and ‘is widely accredited as redefining the relationship between retailers and customers worldwide.’

This was followed up by Compelo, the global organisation and website, specialising in publishing and intelligence. They picked Dunn out as one of the top 15!


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