Starcount will partner with you to embed a customer-first and data-driven approach to decision making throughout your organisation. In working with you to create a data culture, we will provide the powerful case for change, the emotional drivers of customer behaviour and crucially the tools and capacity to change and deliver sustainable growth.

These are “the head, the heart and the hands” of business transformation.


Why are we different?


You are
your job


You are
where you live


You are
what you buy


You are
what you love

If you don't understand what your customer loves, you'll never understand what they'll buy. We work with you to navigate and map your target customers and their passions, mindsets and motivations, predicting future buying behaviour.

What do we mean by the head, the heart and hands?


The powerful rationale and evidence case for change. Data, in the right hands, can identify the opportunities and quick wins, as well as the challenges and risks you face.


We understand the emotional factors motivating your customers and will reveal the best ways to service or communicate with them to drive better engagement and sales uplift.


Our tools, technology and experts work alongside your team; we stay to help you embed this data transformation in your business.

“In only eight weeks, Starcount showed us how to leverage and enhance our data, transforming how we communicate with current and target customers to drive sales and increased loyalty.”

— CRM Manager, global automotive manufacturer

By exploring rare and complementary data sets, Starcount are able to help companies understand where consumers choose to spend their two most valuable resources – their time and their money

— Sir Terry Leahy, Director and Investor in Starcount

Starcount will utilise its pioneering and innovative approach and technology to map out customer passions in order to predict future buying behaviour for the Sparks programme

Starcount has highlighted significant incremental opportunities for the business from taking a more data and customer driven approach, and we look forward to working together to activate these.

— Peter Aldis, CEO, Holland & Barrett

What we offer

Our enterprise consultancy empowers your leadership with actionable insight, driving profitable and sustainable sales growth, embedding a data culture in your business.

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Data science Platforms and Software

Our software platforms enable you to visualise at scale how consumers are motivated and their purchase behaviour.

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