Taking a holistic view of the fashion, beauty and wellness industry

Fashion. Beauty. Fitness. Wellbeing. Self-care. Athleisure. Luxe. Clean.

We’ve moved from an era of clearly delineated areas around looking and feeling good, to a time when cross-categories are the norm, when fashion, beauty and sports collections stand side by side in the same store, when women apply make-up designed specifically for the gym, kale and avocado-themed slogans cover t-shirts and tote bags, and social media is dominated by perfect headstands, unisex makeup tutorials and unlikely fashion icons to suit every shape, age and style.

Looking and feeling good is no longer related to age, wealth or siloed verticals; it’s a holistic issue – and customers are treating it as such. This has real and tangible consequences for the retail industry; fashion, beauty, health and fitness brands and retailers are no longer only competing within their lanes. A customer who usually invests in an expensive moisturiser may instead choose to put that money towards a gym membership, hoping to get a natural glow from the inside out. It’s no longer enough to consider your competitors only as those within your immediate sphere.

Brands must mirror their customers’ perspective and take a holistic approach to the industry, their place within it and the consumers that engage with it.

Brands must mirror their customers’ perspective and take a holistic approach to the industry, their place within it and the consumers that engage with it. Understanding where you really sit within customer consideration sets, as well as knowing who and what is influencing their decision-making, could be the difference between minor and monumental growth.

Starcount has studied the fashion, beauty and wellness industry through the point of view of 4.8 million UK consumers. Using third-party data from The Observatory – our proprietary platform – we have explored the passions, motivations and mindsets that lie behind the desire to look and feel good. With this new perspective, brands can understand their customers through what they truly love, rather than relying on past buying behaviour. This is the future of customer understanding, allowing you to predict trends, identify influencers and create strong, emotional relationships between consumers and brands.

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