Starcount is one of the UK’s Leading Management Consultancies.

In January this year Starcount was featured, for the second consecutive year, in the Financial Times’ “UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2019”; a report that recognizes the most highly-regarded management consultancies across the country. The company was listed in the top 30 firms of the ‘Data analytics and big data’ category, alongside global consultancies such as Accenture, KPMG, McKinsey and Deloitte.

Published by the Financial Times, the report was compiled with research and data provider Statista. The results of the survey, collected over an extensive period, are based entirely on the testimonies and recommendations of both high-ranking management consultants and business leaders within the UK.

“We are proving how our new Big Data and Analytics can predict what consumers are going to do, by knowing what they love”

Edwina Dunn, Starcount CEO, stated: “We are extremely proud to have been recognised by the FT as one of the best consultancies in the UK for a second consecutive year – particularly as one of the youngest organisations listed. We transformed the retail and FMCG sector more than a decade ago by pioneering the first and biggest loyalty schemes across the world.  Today, we are proving how our new Big Data and Analytics can predict what consumers are going to do, by knowing what they love, even more than brands.”


7 Steps to Data Transformation

Data transformation demands clearly pronounced goals, strong engagement strategies and a willingness to move quickly and risk failure. These require solid, visionary leadership in order to inspire buy-in across an organisation. This Whitepaper, authored by data pioneer Edwina Dunn details the 7 success factors needed for data transformation.

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Leading high street bank onboarding SMEs

Starcount mined a High Street bank’s business data, third party data and Starcount Observatory data to better understand the SME market, their needs and wants.

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Unravelling the urban myths of the pensions industry

Starcount has delved into the state of the UK pensions industry, examining how disruption in the space is causing many providers to reassess how they communicate with their customers.

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Retirement & Investments business

Starcount created actionable insight and a data-focused strategy for a leading retirement & investment business, developing a deep understanding of their customers and collating data to identify significant savings in their business.

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The key to understanding emotional loyalty

This Whitepaper examines our revolutionary new approach to data science using emotional analytics, revealing how peoples' passions predict purchase.

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Your Life: A revolution in approaching education

Starcount worked with community interest company Your Life to create deep insight into how schools are performing based on how highly they perform in STEM subjects.

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Boosting test drives by personalising communication

Starcount worked with this automotive brand to maximise engagement and increase sales of their new model.

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Customer centricity and the future of banking

Starcount has delved into the future of the banking industry, looking at how different forms of disruption, such as the Open Banking Initiative, will affect the industry.

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