Starcount Audiences

Predict future buying behaviour

What is Starcount Audiences?

Starcount Audiences is a platform that allows brands to identify the trending passions of their customers and map them across the UK. Harnessing Starcount’s pioneering passion graph, it allows you to instantly create multiple consumer audiences to power omnichannel marketing and hyper-relevant customer engagement.

The data behind Audiences

How does Audiences work for you?


Acquire new audiences

Build lookalike audiences and export these for targeting across a variety of channels, including digital, social, out-of-home, direct mail and more.


Get to know your customers

Enrich your CRM activity with an unprecedented understanding of your customers’ passions. Use this insight to drive customer retention strategies and relevant communications.


Generate local insight

Use a granular view of your audience’s passions to optimise location decision-making, including store planning, store experience, merchandising, events and more.

Why use Audiences?

Receive detailed insight to an unprecedented level of precision.

Keep up with your customers’ changing passions and lifestyles, all of which are updated monthly.

Activate powerful insight across multiple channels.

Develop a deep and diverse understanding of consumer passions at a local level.

Instantly create multiple audiences.

Upload large volumes of customer data with speed.

In a GDPR world, the Audiences platform respects consumer anonymity.

“In only eight weeks, Starcount showed us how to leverage and enhance our data, transforming how we communicate with current and target customers to drive sales and increased loyalty.”

— CRM Manager, global automotive manufacturer

By exploring rare and complementary data sets, Starcount are able to help companies understand where consumers choose to spend their two most valuable resources – their time and their money

— Sir Terry Leahy, Director and Investor in Starcount

Starcount will utilise its pioneering and innovative approach and technology to map out customer passions in order to predict future buying behaviour for the Sparks programme

Starcount has highlighted significant incremental opportunities for the business from taking a more data and customer driven approach, and we look forward to working together to activate these.

— Peter Aldis, CEO, Holland & Barrett

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