Something for the weekend

In this edition of ‘Something for the weekend’ we have highlighted stories on KLM’s new sustainability campaign, ASOS’ enhanced augmented reality services, Google & Amazon’s streaming disputes and the IRI International Growth Summit.

KLM Urges Passengers To Reconsider Flying KLM In New Sustainability Campaign

Dutch flag carrier KLM is engaging with passengers with a new campaign aimed at encouraging responsible and sustainable decisions around air travel.

The new Fly Responsibly campaign encourages airlines and travellers to think about the environmental impact of air travel before making a journey. And as part of that campaign, the carrier is asking travellers to think about alternative, more environmentally friendly options such as rail or motor coach for short-haul travel. 

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Anthony Thompson, Sales & Marketing Executive states – “We have seen, in our Observatory analysis, the rising importance of sustainability as a buying factor for customers across many industries, most notably in fashion. Here is an example of an airline company encouraging customers to consider bus and rail alternatives before travelling. This is proof of the importance of putting sustainability at the forefront of your brand image. It will be interesting to see whether other airlines and travel companies will follow suit.”

Hands On with Asos’ virtual catwalk

Asos’ Virtual Catwalk is a new way to see products in real life, helping shoppers view designs in their own surroundings. It takes the augmented reality experience a step further and allows consumers to see how new clothes would look on a real-life model walking down the street before purchasing it. The app is designed for tech-savvy shoppers who are fairly conscientious when it comes to online shopping. 

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Data Scientist, Sarah Blom comments “With customer experience such an important facet of the modern retail experience, brands are looking to maximise CX on all channels – physical and online. This move from ASOS takes AR a step further and, even if its effect isn’t currently groundbreaking, will surely draw attention to the brand by closing the gap between the physical and digital world of fashion retail.”

Google and Amazon are settling their streaming beef: YouTube’s coming to Fire TV

Google and Amazon have lifted a ban on each others streaming services and drawn an end to months of squabbling over video services. There is a YouTube app launching for Fire TV, and Google’s Chromecast and Android TV will support Prime Video. The move isn’t a surprise – with Disney+ and Apple TV+ looming, Amazon and Google will want to ensure their video streaming platforms are compatible with as many devices as possible.

This collaboration is less about selling low-cost streaming services and more about ensuring subscribers as the streaming landscape shifts in late 2019 and 2020.

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Client Development Manager, James Lamburn states – “For anyone with a streaming device, this is great news and long overdue! When the heavyweights of the Tech world fight like this the only ones that lose out are the consumers, instead of having a one-stop-shop for all their streaming needs you now have to pick and choose (unless your pockets are deep enough to buy multiple streaming services). This is a step in the right direction and long may it continue, customers want tech that is compatible with all streaming services – THAT is how you will drive viewership and usage!”

In other news…

This week, our CEO Edwina Dunn was a keynote speaker at the IRI International Growth Summit 2019. Her presentation entitled “Knowing your customers: easy to say, so hard to do!” covered the developments of customer insight over the years and the enormous rewards that big retail companies have garnered through its proper execution. Edwina discussed two overwhelming factors that will define the future of this industry

  • Who owns the most data (Amazon, Google, Facebook)? 
  • Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should (Ethics)? 

She was also on the panel talking about “The Future of Customer Insight” alongside Ruth Spencer, Vice President and Director at Walgreens Boots Alliance, Helen Passingham-Hughes, Managing Director at Europanel and Anthony Graham, Executive Vice President of Solutions and Innovation at IRI. The panel discussed the world of customer insight and as companies get closer to the end customer, the importance of understanding their needs and motivations has never been greater. Click here for more information 


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