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Here is a list of all the news and hot topics the Starcount team has been discussing. Stories on electric vehicles, Tesco strategies, shoppable ads and smart airports. We hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend.

Tesco to cull brands from shelves

Tesco is planning to shed 20% of its 40,000 products as it tries to fight back against discounters Aldi and Lidl. CEO Dave Lewis plans to cut costs by placing bigger orders with fewer suppliers, as well as re-branding and prioritising Tesco’s own-label ranges.

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Starcount Chief Data Scientist, Chris Gartside comments on the paralysis of choice in modern supermarkets – “Too much choice has been something that retailers have struggled with for a long time. It’s a true balancing act of ensuring there is sufficient choice to meet customers needs versus having products on the shelf that don’t sell.”

Starcount have been working with its retail partners to help them use data and customer insight to steer a path through this complicated issue. Customer data can identify the different customer needs and the corresponding products to help drive better decision making.

Sustainability progress in fashion slowed by one-third

After so much media attention, it may come as a surprise that the growth of sustainability in fashion has slowed by a third in 2019. It is not moving fast enough to counterbalance the harmful impact of the industry’s rapid growth. Research shows that sustainability is shifting from a secondary consideration to a primary decision driver for consumers, but are brands responding to this change?

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Starcount has been looking into the sustainability debate in Fashion. Using Starcount’s Observatory, our pioneering data science tool, we have recently conducted a study exploring consumer perceptions, drivers and motivations around sustainable fashion. For further insight from this study and a closer look at the socially conscious consumer, please click through to our blog.

How This Airport Is Planning To Dominate The £27B Airline Industry

Istanbul Ataturk Airport was considered one of the world’s busiest airports with nearly 70 million annual passengers. Recently, a new, larger, state-of-the-art terminal has been built making Ataturk Airport not only the largest but one of the first truly ‘Smart’ airports in the world. At a further cost of $12 billion, it hopes to accommodate 200 million passengers a year. But what exactly does a ‘smart airport’ look like?

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Our Marketing department researched the development of smart airports around the world and how brands can explore opportunities that arise from the data generated in these spaces. Kostas Zachoudanis, Starcount’s Head of Marketing states: “Vast possibilities for data aggregation are now available bringing opportunities to personalise services and influence shopping patterns. A great example is how the French airport authority created ‘Paris is Our Gift’, an app that offers deals for shops at the airport. Thanks to the joys of data the agencies which worked on the project were able to identify the right shoppers even before their trip began. The insights helped the French Airport Authority position the app as something that could enhance travel in Paris, streamline media spend and inform OOH initiatives such as digital billboards in strategically selected cities around the world.”

NBCU brings shoppable ads to broadcast TV

In an effort to reduce its ad load by 20% over the next year, NBC Universal (NBCU) is pushing a new format that will make on-screen ads shoppable. The ShoppableTV ad unit will show a QR code that viewers can scan with their mobile cameras. Viewers can then interact with and potentially buy from a given advertiser on their phones.

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Head of Sales, Karan Singh comments on the benefits of shoppable TV for tracking marketing spend – “TV ads have traditionally been used for brand building and have been notoriously hard to attribute back to sales. Making TV ads shoppable will add a new dimension to the channel and could help marketers better understand the ROI of this activity.”

Forget A to B, electric cars can now get you from London to Paris

The perception of electric cars has changed over recent years as consumers become increasingly excited over their capability. Previously, the main concern over EVs (electric vehicles) has been losing power mid-journey, becoming stranded with no available charging point. New technology allows full charges to last for hundreds of kilometres with a rapidly-growing network of chargers. Perceptions about what electric cars can be changed too, thanks in part to Formula E’s advent which has shown they can be fast and fun. With increased concerns over air pollution in urban areas, the market for EVs is fertile.

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Starcount’s data science team is currently working with two automotive brands to help them identify their customers motivations for purchasing an electric vehicle. With Starcount Audiences, our pioneering data science platform, we were able to map these motivations and reveal where those customers are. In doing so, tailored marketing strategies are delivered that communicate the most relevant information to the customers and resonates with both what they’re passionate about and their fears about electric car ownership.

“While it is certainly true that electric vehicle technology is improving in leaps and bounds, and people’s reservations about electric cars are becoming increasingly misplaced, manufacturers are putting the proverbial cart before the horse and investing all their resources into developing a fleet of different electric vehicle types and not spending enough time communicating with the people they are hoping will drive them off the lot. As a result, over the next few years, electric vehicle supply is predicted to drastically exceed demand”. Starcount Data Scientist, Isaac Lundie-Fallon

The public’s misconceptions about the barriers to purchase are completely at odds with their positive and optimistic sentiment towards electric cars, suggesting that they are waiting for the advent of technology and infrastructure that is in fact already here – they just don’t know about it!

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