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This edition’s news stories include a look at this years Christmas adverts, Ford’s new EV, Google’s new checking account and brand loyalty. Read the articles with comments from our experts.

Christmas Adverts 2019: Adland reviews M&S, TK Maxx, Lidl, Ikea and more

Christmas is officially here –  well that is what the latest wave of adverts have told us. The recent John Lewis advert has taken the country by storm with the adorable and fire hazardous little Edgar. Other high street and online giants have joined in with M&S, TK Maxx, Lidl and Ikea all vying for the most likes in what is becoming the traditional Christmas advert showdown. 

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Amelia Wrighton, Business Development Director, comments: “Once again we see the huge spike in long-form content, complex storytelling and brand-led creatives flooding our screens. Whilst the media formula of a big TV launch, followed by online discovery and POS activations have stayed roughly the same, the storytelling method has diversified with the magic of Christmas coming alive in a host of ways – some more abstract than others. 

The question still remains, how effective are these big campaigns, and how do you stand out in the crowd? We think that results are truly driven when these larger concepts live within targeted and personalised communications – highlighting the ‘so what’ in a relevant way.” 

Ford confirm new EV crossover will be named the Mustang Mach-E 

Ford have confirmed this week that is next EV cross over will be called the Mustang Mach-E.  The American car manufacturer has been giving us hints for the past year about this potentially controversial crossover. The car, set to be revealed on Monday, will be trying to bridge the gap between EV enthusiasts and hard to convert petrol fans – the car will feature a 900 plus horsepower electric motor and will also be equipped with a six-speed manual transmission that will try to tempt mustang loyalists to try this new breed.

Read the full story here.

James Lamburn, Client Development Director, comments: Lots of mystery is still surrounding the Mach-E so we will have to wait for the official launch to know more, that said using Idris Elba to drum up excitement pre-launch will surely grab headlines. It seems Ford is trying to play in the Luxury SUV market where in recent years the likes of Bentley, Lambo and Porsche step in, now Ford have thrown their hat in the ring by utilising its Mustang brand. The rumoured manual gearbox could be the big surprise, is this something customers want, is there a market for it, let’s wait and see!

Google to offer checking accounts in partnership with banks starting next year. 

Google is the latest big tech company to make a move into banking and personal financial services. The project, called “Cache,” will be a partnership with banks and credit unions to offer checking accounts. Google will put its financial institution partners front-and-centre with the banks handling all financial and compliance activities related to the accounts. Google is still considering whether or not it’ll charge service fees.

Read the full story here.

Anthony Thompson, Sales & Marketing Executive, comments: “This will be very interesting to see develop, particularly given the negative perception surrounding big tech companies. Can Google gain the financial trust of consumers? Giving the banks more control over ‘Cache’ may make the service more viable. ‘Cache’ will run like any other professional financial institution but Google will be rewarded with reams of data on financial behaviour and consumer spending patterns – another string the tech giants expansive bow.” 

A quarter of consumers are more brand loyal than last year

A new survey from the e-commerce marketing platform Yotpo has revealed that 90% of consumers said they have become more brand loyal in the past year. The survey found that 61% of consumers said they were loyal to up to five brands, and 26.2% said they were loyal to up to 10 brands. Product and price were the highest reason stated for their increased loyalty while customer service and a brand’s loyalty scheme were also key drivers. 

Read the full story here.

Chris Gartside, Chief Data Scientist, comments:This article highlights that once functional business hygiene factors are in place (competitive prices and attractive range) there is a still a lot of work for brands and retailers to do to win customers over.

Winning customers loyalty is simple to say but hard to achieve. Most importantly, brands need to understand their customers, their likes, dislikes and motivations and then engage them in ways that resonate with them. Relying on a customer understanding based on what they solely do with one retailer only gives a very blinkered perspective on customers. External data, like Starcount’s Observatory data, helps brands and retailers better understand what customers are doing outside of their world, invaluable in this time of tough trading.”


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