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In this edition of ‘Something for the weekend’, we have news stories on Jaguar’s new energy data tracker, the G7 fashion sustainability summit, Lewis Hamilton’s latest vegan investment and Harrod’s new tech lodger. Read the news stories from this week with comments from Starcount’s experts and have a great weekend!

Jaguar demonstrates proof-of-concept for tracking energy using Iota’s DLT

Jaguar has demonstrated a proof of concept for tracking energy usage. The new system uses Lota’s distributed ledger technology and shows real-time tracking of energy. In a demonstration, the companies showed how the new system promotes how cities can change their infrastructure and transport links into more sustainable alternatives. 

The new technology allows for the collection of more data when electric vehicles charge, relating to the source of the power that the car will use. Consumers would be able to select to get their power from renewable sources as the electricity has been tracked.

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Client Development Manager, James Lamburn comments – “An interesting concept and one close to the heart of many Electric Vehicle consumers. Being able to track your electricity and even select the source from which you want it to come from is not new news when it comes to your home, but Jaguar and its partners are taking this further with the application of EV charging – many consumers would welcome this.”

Fashion leaders to meet at G7 summit to improve sustainability

32 of the worlds leading fashion companies met last week at the G7 summit in France to sign a pact pledging to fight against climate change and improve sustainability. Adidas, Gucci and Ralph Lauren were but a few who signed the pact that follows the science-based targets initiative to stopping global warming, restoring biodiversity and protecting the oceans.  

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Observatory Data Scientist, Hannah Poskett comments — “I think it’s so great how many reputable, and aspirational brands are supporting the global sustainability movement! The catwalks of fashion weeks still dictate the trends in high street fashion, we know from our data, that fashionistas of all ages and genders are massively inspired by the luxury brands, so I’m excited to see the knock-on effect that these high-end brands will have on the high street consumer.”

Lewis Hamilton backs meat-free burger chain

British formula one racer, Lewis Hamilton, has invested in a new meat-free burger chain that opened its first restaurant in London at the start of September, 2019. Neat Burger, which will specialise in plant-based burgers, spent ten months creating their unique recipe as they look to shake up the vegan market in the casual dining industry. 

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Solutions and Programme Director, John Hargest comments — “Whilst the food-on-the-go and casual dining sectors continue to diversify their range to cater for the meat-free market, time will tell if pure-play vegan restaurants can survive in an ever-challenging market place. With sky-high London rent and changing consumer habits, finding the right locations, optimising the menu price-point and driving repeat visits will ultimately define Neat Burger’s success or failure. Even with high-profile celebrity backers, we’ve seen chains struggle to survive without a well-executed business strategy. The use of data takes the guesswork out of decision-making and can help both new and established brands stay relevant and grow.”

Harrods welcomes Samsung luxury living

Samsung has joined one of the UK’s iconic departments stores, setting up a new retail space on Harrods famous 5th floor. Joining the likes of Apple and Google, Harrods now becomes one of the South Korean tech manufacturers flagship stores. The new opening coincided with the release of Samsungs new Galaxy Note 10+ but it was Samsungs new luxury home tech, the ‘Wall Luxe’ that stole the show and is exclusively available in Harrods. 

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Chief Commercial Officer, Jo Wardle comments — “This is a great example of how more brands are working with retailers to bring products to life and give customers a physical Return On Experience (ROE). It also demonstrates how technology and luxury don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Like when Apple brought in Angela Ahrendts from Burberry to bridge the gap between functionality and technology with style and wearability. Harrods is the perfect place for the ‘Wall Luxe’ as it is a destination for customers with the desire and income to immerse themselves with the products. Harrods is also well on the journey as it is leveraging its retail space to improve customer experience with its recently launched Beauty Hall.”

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