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Something for the weekend

In this edition of ‘Something for the weekend’, we have news stories on Publicis Media, ecosystem brands, the electric vehicles market and Lakeland’s new loyalty scheme. Read the news stories from this week with comments from our experts. Have a great weekend!

Why has Publicis bought another full-service agency?

It’s capabilities in performance marketing has been the main driving force behind Publicis Groupe’s most recent acquisition of marketing agency Rauxa. Coming just over one month after the French multinational advertising company’s $4bn deal buying data business Epsilon, the new deal has been struck to integrate Rauxa’s data-driven creativity to reinforce Publicis Groupe’s one-to-one consumer engagement for its clients. Rauxa’s experience in CRM and data-driven creativity appears to the reason for Publicis Groupe’s acquisition in order to use Rauxa’s data expertise to develop their own CRM and creative offerings. 

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Head of Starcount’s Customer Communication Practice, Barbara Elson comments – “The recent industry-wide scramble to acquire performance marketing skills, has been driven by consumer demand for ever more personalised experience.  Only the agency groups with these capabilities stand a chance of winning. At Starcount we’ve always understood the power of insight-led content to build consumer value. That’s why our Tech, Data Science and Creative experts work alongside each other, as one team – creating insight-led communication programmes that deliver exceptional ROI for our clients.”

Why the future belongs to the ecosystem brand

Building a brand through an ecosystem is fast becoming the new way for businesses to develop in the market. The idea of a one-stop-shop for consumers for a business’s services in one integrated place. Top brands that operate on the ecosystem brand idea include Google, Microsoft and Amazon, but the idea is not just about targeting a localised place for products. The ecosystem brand aims to move away from what businesses offer and the lowest price, and instead focus on customer centricity, product quality and market response based on the offerings of that business.  

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Client Development Manager, James Lamburn comments A one stop shop for all your needs from one company – sounds convenient and speedy. We have to remember that customers are time poor, they seek ease and convenience and where one brand, or more crucially one trusted brand, can offer a variety of services then consumers are going to stick rather than twist in most cases.”

The UK now has more EV charging stations then petrol stations 

New research from Nissan has revealed that EV charging stations now out number the amount of petrol stations in the UK. The study revealed that there are now 9,300 EV charging locations compared to 8,400 petrol stations. Out of the 9,300 charging station 1,600 support rapid charging with 2 rapid chargers being installed each day across the UK, according Zap-map. This comes after sales for new electric cars rose to 158.1% in the month of July and might be the boost EVs need to ease range anxiety fear from its customers.

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Chief Product Officer Rowena Humby  comments – “It’s great to see EV charging infrastructure being taken as a core government agenda. We have seen the biggest barriers for UK consumers in EV purchase are fears around charging time, range and availability of infrastructure – and so this move will only do great things for the uptake of electric cars! I would love for the Starcount Audiences tool to play a part in the strategic location planning of these charging points – it’s vital they are placed along the journeys and at the homes of consumers who have a propensity to buy (whether a love of the environment, or cost saving or technology-adopters).”

Lakeland introduces new loyalty scheme

British kitchenware chain, Lakeland, has announced plans to create a new loyalty scheme called ‘myLakeland’. The new free to join scheme is set to offer participating members discounts, special offers and previews of new products, customers will also collect points and receive money off vouchers that can be redeemed in store. Additionally, each time customers use the card it helps generate donations for Lakeland’s chosen charities.

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Starcount Client Director, Nicki Davis comments –“This announcement by Lakeland is a step in the right direction for building a stronger relationship with their customers. Linking the card usage to generating charity donations will resonate with its customers and help develop brand loyalty. Here at Starcount our expertise helps retailers to create strong customer relationships through such schemes, combining that with our latest data science insight we help our clients better understand their customers and help create effective loyalty card schemes.” 

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