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In this edition of ‘Something for the weekend’, we have news stories on Love Island media sponsors, streaming service fatigue, Carluccio’s sustainability initiatives and the electric vehicles market. Read the news stories from this week with comments from our experts. Have a great weekend!

What can media sponsors learn from the ‘Love Island’ effect?

There is no doubt that Love Island has become a cultural phenomenon – the latest episode hit a peak of 5.9m viewers with an estimated 57% of these in the coveted 16-34 age range. Last year Missguided reported a 40% sales increase every night the show was on. Uber Eats spent a reported £5m to replace Superdrug as the show’s main sponsor. This year, however, the show has seen a certain amount of negative sentiment, but how has this affected media sponsors? 

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Starcount Client Director, Nicki Davis comments – “One of the questions posed in the article is ‘Would the record amounts of money it takes to sponsor the show perhaps be better spent on building a robust social strategy?’ At Starcount we certainly think so, of the total online conversation around the show, the most any sponsor has taken is 0.2% which is low and with some good consumer insight we can help brands find shows that have greater relevance to their audience.” 

Now on used car lots: Great electric vehicles for cheap

Despite advancements in technology, consumers remain sceptical of the high prices and limited range that come with electric vehicles (EVs). New data shows, however, that EVs are starting to catch on in the used-car industry. Curiosity over Evs is on the rise and the steady growth of new electric sales is helped by increasing the supply reaching the used marketplace. 

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Senior Product Manager, Chris Nourse comments – “At Starcount’s most recent event “Consumer Insight for the Electric Vehicle Market” we took a deeper dive into the consumer mindsets within the EV market and the purchase barriers for consumers. The global appetite for electric vehicles is not climbing as anticipated as concerns around cost, charging point location and driving range act as barriers to purchase for consumers. The used car market is an interesting method of increasing consumer confidence as the lower costs will help encourage consumers to take the risk of EV ownership. Our blog post takes a closer look at the market trends using our products Observatory and Audiences. Click through to the blog to download the full brochure from the event. 

Carluccio’s steps up sustainability focus with ‘Turning Green’ campaign

Carluccio’s ‘Turning Carluccio’s Green’ campaign will see customers rewarded for reusing cups and the arrival of compostable Nespresso-compatible pods. For any customer bringing in a reusable cup, Carluccio’s will reward them with a 50p discount on the purchase of any hot drink. The introduction of the 50p discount has seen a 20-fold increase in the number of customers using their own cup. 

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Client Development Manager, James Lamburn comments – “A discount for being green isn’t new, it’s more a move to keep up with the neighbours but a welcome one nonetheless. Consumers now expect this sort of offer with many high street coffee chains offering something similar. Not only a smart move but also a welcome one, likely to resonate well with customers – it makes us all feel like we are doing our bit and many will happily support a ‘Green’ campaign (especially if it means the coffee is cheaper!).” 

Netflix should be worried about subscription fatigue hitting the UK

With half of UK households subscribing to services such as Netflix, the streaming industry is starting to ask: how many is too many? Nearly half of British households (47 per cent) now have a streaming account and the average household subscribes to two or three services. With the number of services offered climbing so rapidly could we start seeing subscription fatigue? 

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Senior Data Scientist, Josh Eversham comments – “As is the case with any market, too much competition will lead to saturation. Only providing the best service will help you to differentiate from the crowd, which means those that own the most popular shows (Friends, The Office etc) will flourish. Google and Amazon have settled their disputes by supporting each other’s services, will others follow suit? Producing content that sticks with customers each month will be essential. Whatever happens, we can look forward to a lot more good TV!” 

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