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Starcount’s curated blog series – Something for the weekend

In the latest edition of ‘Something for the weekend’- Starcount’s curated blog series we have highlighted stories on Sainsbury’s partnership with Deliveroo, how Marvel’s phase 4 plans is Disney’s secret weapon in the streaming wars arena, Unilever’s successful shift to data-driven marketing and Ebay’s upcoming launch of warehousing and shipping services ’

Sainsbury’s launches Deliveroo pizza service from five stores

Sainsbury’s has launched a pizza delivery service with Deliveroo. Customers in Birmingham, Brighton, Cambridge and London can order cooked pizzas and snacks using Deliveroo’s website or app. Nearly 50 Sainsbury’s products are on the menu, such as salads, dips, soft drinks and the pizza range, including Margherita, Meat Feast and Pepperoni. The two-month trial has launched from five stores, in Cambridge, Selly Oak, West Hove, Pimlico and Hornsey.

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John Hargest, Starcount’s Director of International development describes why it is no surprise to see grocers teaming up with the likes of Deliveroo and Just Eat – “With the food deliver market expected to be worth £9.8bn annually by 2021, grocers  will keep teaming up with brands like brands like Deliveroo and Just Eat to offer their customers convenient and affordable meals straight to their doors. This is another sign of major retailers implementing digital technologies to improve customer experience and gain a competitor advantage. Only time will tell if this concept will evolve to encompass a wider range of products and stores or whether it’s simply a marketing gimmick. To take the guess work out of expensive, and potential short lived, innovations is to understand what your customers are doing outside of your store. With a largest panel of real time consumer data Starcount are helping their clients spot trends, rather than fads, and ensure they are investing in the right areas of their business. Whether this be customer experience, store innovations, partnerships, product range or technology investments”.

Marvel’s Phase 4 is Disney’s secret weapon in its fight with Netflix

The announcements for the new slate of Marvel productions gave equal billing to blockbuster movies and television shows. It’s a clear ploy to take on Netflix and dominate the new streaming landscape. The new streaming platform is set to debut – in the US, at least – in November 2019, where it will cost $6.99 per month, or $69.99 per year. While there’s no word of a UK launch yet, that works out at £5.60 and £56.02, respectively. This marks a major assault on Netflix, undercutting the streaming giant’s monthly price while also establishing Disney’s platform as the only place to access “must see” shows.

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Client Development Manager James Lamburn states -“A clever move from Disney, they are taking Netflix head on. The point of difference being that Disney already has a wealth of content and content that they know audiences already love, add in to this new shows and films from the world’s largest franchises at an appealing price and the proposition looks very attractive! The only caveat will be to see how customers react, it’s pulling the streaming market apart, are customers really going to pay monthly for Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and potentially BBC/ITV’s new BritBox streaming service – we will have to wait and see.”

Unilever sees ‘significant step up’ in effectiveness in shift to data-driven marketing

The FMCG giant says a greater focus on data-driven marketing and a programmatic approach to media buying is helping improve ROI, but admits it is struggling to hire enough people to run these more complex digital campaigns.

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Rowena Humby Starcount’s Chief Product Officer comments -“Unilever understood the power of marketing for decades and are always on the forefront of best practice and innovation.

As brands who don’t have the luxury of owing their own customer base – as they sell through retailers – digital gives them the power of building an engaged customer base where they can test & learn and use data to optimise and target. What an awesome opportunity for other consumer brands to follow!”

EBay to launch warehousing and shipping services next year

Ebay said it would launch a warehousing and shipping service for merchants selling through its site starting next year, a new strategy that is expected to attract more sellers to the e-commerce platform.

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Starcount’s Chief Data Scientist, Chris Gartside comments -“It’s a very good strategic move for eBay and hopefully customers in general. EBay was once the main online shopping destination for consumers but this place has been taken by Amazon. This move to a marketplace strategy carries little to no cost or risk for the brand but should drive benefits back to the business through greater site traffic, advertising revenue and general consideration metrics. On a different note, eBay will need to be careful to enhance the curation of the products fulfilled through their marketplace offering; this will have a big impact on how customer view the brand in time. Their lack of prime offering may potentially mean that this change isn’t quite as appetising as the Amazon’s one but it’s still good and as customers you would hope this will increase competition and hence force prices down.”

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