Find out what your customers really think

The true voice of your customer is not always an easy thing to hear; it may challenge pre-conceptions. But, starting with reality is the best way we have found to build a new and stronger customer-responsive organisation, sensitive to the fast changing and demanding marketplace. Speedy and digital media may be how we all now communicate but its black box and most messaging is broad and bland. Customers are disengaging by the millions. The only way to stand out and be noticed is to be part of a conversation where you’ve taken the trouble to understand the motivations and needs of your customers. Relevance is still key – it has just become harder. Now, you can use big data and the experience of the Starcount team to make relevance a reality.

Clive Humby and Edwina Dunn

Customer Data Consultancy

Enrich your understanding and become a market leader

Fragmented data means that businesses struggle to identify new opportunities and understand what drives customer purchase. Starcount’s customer-centric approach allows us to identify what your customers want outside of your current offer, enabling you to capitalise on existing customer loyalty and drive future acquisition.

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Social Intelligence

Optimise your strategy by revealing future buying intent

Starcount can match the rich history of transaction data with the predictive nature of social intelligence. Our pioneering motivational segmentation and the Starcount detector matching IP reveals the valuable emotional loyalty that is predictive of future buying intent. We can identify how your audience is evolving, which consumer segments are growing, shrinking and emerging, and re-evaluate strategy among these and previously unrealised audiences.

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Social Intelligence
Starcount Observatory

Our Proprietary Platform

Embed customer knowledge into every aspect of your business

Get instant access to the complete view of your customer, visualised in our proprietary platform, the Observatory. This enables you to leverage key opportunities in real time to stay relevant and engaging. By prioritising customer centricity, Starcount is bringing the customer into the boardroom to transform your organisation’s understanding of your marketplace and its ability to respond and engage.

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