Look Good, Feel Good: 6 innovative mindsets for today’s beauty, well-being and fashion brands

Zara is the latest brand to highlight the importance of technology to developing the fashion industry. The fashion retailer recently emptied its shop windows of all the usual mannequins and decorations, to be replaced with virtual models, powered by augmented reality technology.

This is just the latest development in Zara’s technological evolution: in January, the first click and collect Zara store opened in London, with areas for click-and-collect purchases, self-service checkouts and dressing rooms with information screens built into the mirrors. These innovations are a reaction to the changing nature of customer interaction.

Of course, innovation is not a new concept for the retail industry. From ‘magic mirrors’ that offer personalised beauty advice to immersive and shareable VR experiences, forward-thinking brands are using technology to create a tailored experience for customers, both in-store and online. However, despite astounding digital advances, many retailers are still looking at their customers through the lens of traditional demographics, and lack the customer insight to match their bold technological steps.

By focusing on standard measurements and modes of segmentation such as age, address and average spend, brands are in danger of ignoring what truly differentiates their customers: their passions, mindsets and motivations.

In a recent study, Starcount has delved into the passions behind nearly 5 million UK consumers in the beauty, well-being and fashion industries, using pioneering data science to cluster passions together to form different mindsets. Customer centricity should be their focus when designing technological innovations.

Here are the six key customer mindsets in the UK beauty, well-being and fashion industries that brands should be aware of, taken from Starcount’s pioneering Observatory platform:

1. Aesthetic

This group are passionate about looking great and are willing to spend money regularly in order to keep up with the latest cosmetic trends. While they enjoy fashion, beauty is their first love and they put a lot of care and attention into their appearance, from investing in high-end skincare to spending weekends in the salon.

2. Body is a Temple

Those with a ‘Body is a Temple’ mindset are focused more on feeling great on the inside than looking good on the outside. They prefer a holistic approach to wellbeing and place a high value on healthy eating, often being vegetarian, vegan or gluten free. They have a strong desire to make a positive contribution to the world, campaigning for animal rights charities, blogging about their experiences and even teaching others through yoga, meditation and alternative therapies.

3. Celebrity Culture

The Celebrity Culture group know everything there is to know about the world of popular entertainment and their approach to looking and feeling good is totally inspired by the famous faces they admire. From popstars like Justin Bieber to reality TV icons like the Kardashians, these consumers regularly change up their style to align with trends set by their favourite celebrities, sharing new looks on Instagram and Snapchat.

4. Staying in Shape

This group are united through their love of exercise; from bodybuilding to yoga, there’s no fitness trend this group won’t try. They love to support their fellow fitness fans through social media, sharing gym selfies, healthy recipes and words of encouragement with the hashtag #fitfam. Many of them work fulltime in the fitness industry as personal trainers, dietitians or even PE teachers.

5. Self-Improvement

This segment includes those who are constantly seeking to be inspired across many different areas of their lives. They rely on digital influencers for advice and are constantly devouring videos and blog posts on fashion, beauty and parenting in particular. Some of them are aspiring social media stars themselves, while PR is also a popular career for this group.

6. Shopaholic

The Shopaholic segment love nothing more than hitting the stores, with a particular passion for tracking down one-off purchases, such as vintage or handmade clothing and accessories. They have a keen eye for a bargain and are always entering competitions with the hope of winning designer goods. This group are also keen wedding planners and love pouring over every detail in the run up to the big day.

Click here to download the full Look Good, Feel Good whitepaper.

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