In a world of shifting brand loyalty, how can you stay relevant for your customers when they aren’t interacting with you? With our data science platforms and software, you can visualise instantly and at scale how consumers are motivated and triggered. You’ll understand their interests, passions influencers and purchase behaviour. You can see where their emotional loyalty really lies.


Uncover what your customers really love

What is the Observatory?

Our Observatory data science platform contains insights from over one billion global consumers, tracking how their passions, motivations and mindsets change over time. You can visualise when and why consumers engage with brands, influencers, micro-influencers and media titles. We monitor emerging trends and predict future buying behaviour. Find out how more about how other brands have used these remarkable insights.

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How does the Observatory work for you?


Identify how customers live their lives when they’re not shopping with your brand and learn what motivates them.


It uses large behavioural data sets, rather than small survey-based data, which is dynamically updated monthly.


It informs personalised CRM campaigns and executes decisions from strategies to media planning.


A data scientist will set up the customer segmentation and a consultant will convert insight into an actionable strategy.

How to use all of this rich insight

Increase CRM Loyalty
Truly personalise your marketing by increasing your CRM loyalty

Create Tailored Content
Start to design tailored customer journeys and content

Optimise Media Spend
Develop content that shows you listen and really care about your customers

Identify Influencers and micro-influencers
Engage with and identify the correct influencers for your brand

Discover New Customers
Find relevant brand and media partnerships

Compliant Lead Generation
Reward your brand ambassadors appropriately

“In only eight weeks, Starcount showed us how to leverage and enhance our data, transforming how we communicate with current and target customers to drive sales and increased loyalty.”

— CRM Manager, global automotive manufacturer

Starcount offers our clients a new way of tracking their customer behavior and understanding people’s real passions based on their social connections, which can change the way we approach communications

— Lucas Brown, Chief Strategy Officer

Starcount is able to offer granular insight into what people are passionate about, which has impacted our long term digital content strategy and changed some of our pre-perceptions of our audiences.

— Katharine Lewis, SVP Strategy and Operations

Starcount successfully proved with their insight and targeting through Twitter that they could match or beat our CPAs in our previously best performing channels

— Stuart Brann, Performance Marketing Director

Starcount is providing us with a huge amount of valuable insight into what makes our customers and prospects tick, in and outside of the bank, which in turn helps us to design better creative and relevant offers

— Iain Clark, Head of Retail Marketing

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