Boosting test drives by personalising communication

Starcount worked with a top automotive brand to maximise engagement and increase sales of one their key models. Understanding what drives both prospects and current customers to consider the brand when deliberating about purchasing a new car was at the forefront of our partnership.

The challenge

The manufacturer possessed a range of customer transactional data including frequency of purchase, length of ownership and the statistics from previous marketing campaigns. By utilising this data in a fragmented approach, they were unable to attain a deeply insightful and holistic understanding of their customers. In order to do so, they needed to enrich this wealth of data with Starcount’s emotional insight, to better understand why customers might be motivated to consider the model.

The approach

Starcount’s approach was two-fold, combining behavioural data (the manufacturer’s customer and prospect data) with passions, motivations and mindsets (Starcount’s proprietary data) to build a deep understanding of the personas of different customers. These passions drove the creative for each of the customer behavioural segments – the right message and right creative at the right time, to align the motivations of the individual passions of the customer with their motivations to purchase one of the models.

The impact

Starcount assisted the manufacturer in developing a sophisticated, personalised communications campaign with a range of tailored themes, which targeted the most valuable customers based on their emotional mindsets. The manufacturer saw a sizeable increase in the number of test drives of the model, a factor identified as a key step on the road to more sales.

The result

There were two key outcomes:

  • Brochure requests: Increased by 155%*
  • Test Drives: Increased by 1275%*

*Uplift achieved across all customer passion segments.

Starcount and the manufacturer are continuing to work together to support future product launches.

‘We have had this customer data for eight years and have struggled to extract real value from it. In only eight weeks, Starcount has shown us how to leverage and enhance our data, transforming how we communicate with our current and target customer to drive increase sales and increased loyalty.’

– CRM Manager


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