The Starscore is a unique measure of the popularity of the global stars of social media - from music artists to sportspeople, from brands to social media stars we cover them all.

The Starscore is simply the number we get from counting and adding together public social media data from the top 12 social media platforms and applying our 'smart formula'.

The bigger a star's Starscore the higher up the Starchart they are!

The 12 platforms we count are:

The more platforms stars have official (verified) accounts with, the bigger their score could be!

We have a strict policy of vetting and analysing accounts to ensure that as far as is practical and possible we only count data from official accounts. If you think we have missed or incorrectly added any, please notify us at, and we will look to add them for you.

Calculating the score is quite straightforward

We continually gather metric data for all these networks.

Where available, we count 2 measurements on each platform:

Then we apply a weighting to each network which reflects scale and reach of the network and adjusts for the different behaviours and metrics.

The weighting is constantly revised and changes to reflect the dynamic nature of the data we measure. It also allows us to add new networks at any point. The weighting ratio is starcount’s secret ingredient so you can understand why we keep it under wraps!

The maximum Starcount score is 1,000,000.

Starcount scores determine the stars chart positions

The chart position in any chart is determined by the starcount score. The higher the starcount score the higher the chart position. Some stars are in lots of different charts so you may see different chart positions reflecting their position in each chart.

star chart positions


Coming soon – more networks will be added.

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