Manal Alalem

Manal Alalem
Manal Alalem

Manal Alalem has a Starscore of 302,166 and is No.9019 today on the Global social media chart

With a total of 85,000 Twitter followers, 1,548,711 Facebook fans and 80,718,317 YouTube views. Today Manal Alalem lost 60 Facebook fans, gained 4 Twitter followers and gained 64,940 YouTube views. Her social media ranking has moved down 62 places in the daily Africa Chart to no.177 and has risen to no.81 in the all time Africa Chart.

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Manal Alalem
Manal Alalem - Social network statistics today

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Manal Alalem
Manal Alalem - All social chart positions today

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