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One Direction

SJ - @stylatorarmy

From Harry to Niall, Louis to Zayn, Liam to the official One Direction HQ, SJ has pulled together the ultimate One Direction Playlist so that she doesn’t miss any news about the boys again!

Top YouTube Gamers

Nick B

Keeping up with some of the biggest YouTube stars in the world is a difficult task - to make it easier for himself, Nick combined his favourite Gamers into one social media stream.

NYC Rappers

Emma W - @iamemmawallace

Hip Hop is Emma’s thing, so she’s chosen some of the biggest names in the NYC rap scene to make her Social Playlist. To stay up to date on all things Ferg, Rocky, Nas, Nicki and Swizz related.

Chelsea FC

Karien E

Karien has been a die hard Chelsea fan since the days of Gianfranco Zola, therefore it’s only right that her Social Playlist is pure blue. Only her favourite players and the official Chelsea account are getting in there!

Hilarious Comedians

Morgan D

Morgan is slightly obsessed with comedy, so he’s brought all his favourite comedians into one stream to give him the funniest social playlist out there!

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Each day the Social Playlist pulls in and measures the interactions of fans on all content, giving a heat score to each post, picture and video. You can easily filter your Social Playlist by heat or date and sort by official posts and news stories.

It's the easiest way to share what you love from a single stream

There's no need to bounce around into different apps. You can connect all your social network accounts, so you can Retweet, Favourite, Like, share and email all from a single, simple steam.

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