valuing the significance of every customer

Predictive insight to put your customer at the centre of all you do.

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For the first time, Starcount has enabled brands to see the world through the eyes of consumers. The first report in our Consumer Insight Series reveals a definitive segmentation of female fashion in the UK – showing you how important your brand is to different consumer types.

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At Starcount, we deliver unique, actionable insights from a wealth of highly complex, real-time, global data – insights that enhance our clients’ understanding of consumers and help their businesses grow.

the business need

Brands today are navigating a crowded and fragmented market. Changes in consumer attitudes, data regulations and the effects of content overload are making it increasingly difficult for brands to make an impact.

In an age of personalised marketing, significant value can be driven by employing predictive insights and real-time updates. Starcount has developed an agile capability which can add rich and nuanced dimensions to your existing customer data, nurturing brand love by understanding the mind sets of real people.

These insights can be used to inform a range of marketing decisions; from customer acquisition to content creation and targeting strategies.

how we do it

Starcount derive insight from multiple data sources – including social media data, customer data and market data – combining and enhancing them with the intelligence from our proprietary data platform, The Observatory. We collaborate with our clients to tackle their unique business challenges, using our experience and knowledge to help them optimise their data strategies and make their marketing more effective and efficient.

We also provide a range of pre-packaged, industry-specific intelligence, focused solely on social data, through our Consumer Insight Series.

social intelligence

Our data platform, ‘The Observatory’, uses a series of methodologies and techniques, including graph theory, to discover consumers’ genuine passions, needs and motivations by studying their social connections. Our analysis of social data shows the world as consumers see it by revealing the brands, influencers, media and interests that are most important to them.

Using our technology as an enabler, we give our clients a competitive advantage by responding quickly to their objectives, informing marketing strategies and identifying consumer trends.

valuing the significance of every customer

what we deliver


We've produced the definite market segmentation for a number of different industries, revealing the distinct passions, interests, and likes of different, industry-relevant consumers.

Our insights are delivered in two forms: a free, online output called Brand Relevance Rankings (which you can view at and a series of written Customer Segment Insights, that explore each segment in more depth.

We've produced our insights for a number of different industries. If you have a particular interest, please contact us at


This is our interactive data as a service (DaaS) platform, where users can interrogate our proprietary data to answer their own unique questions.


Using multiple data sets, including our own proprietary data, we apply our innovative IP focused on consumer centric modelling, to inform creative, content and targeting decisions on a global, real time basis and to maximise the use of existing data.

Starcount team

our team

Starcount is led by Edwina Dunn (CEO) and Clive Humby (Chief Data Scientist), the founders of the global data analytics business, dunnhumby.

dunnhumby helped transform the retail sector, most notably with Tesco in the UK and Kroger in the USA.

At Starcount, we have brought together a team of first class data scientists and software engineers, led by experienced senior data consultants, to bring our clients the next generation of consumer insights and customer targeting.

what our clients say

We work with a wide-range of clients, across a number of different industries - including, finance, fashion, automotive, and FMCG. We solve problems unique to our clients and supply regular insight deliveries that feed directly into their marketing strategy and brand planning.

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