valuing the significance of every customer

Predictive insight to put your customer at the centre of all you do.

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For the first time, Starcount have enabled brands to see the world of fashion through the eyes of their customers. We have produced the definitive segmentation of female fashion in the UK - showing you how important your brand is to different customer types.

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At Starcount we provide businesses with rich insight that can inform everything from board level strategic decisions to individual customer communication, helping brands to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Businesses and brands today need to navigate a fragmented market, where customers are becoming harder to reach across many more touchpoints. Advertising has hit saturation point, where a constant barrage of messages has made cut-through and impact difficult to achieve for most brands. Companies must learn how to grab the attention of consumers who now live in the world of digital media. They have to understand what motivates people, how they can be reached and have something interesting and relevant to offer once they have their attention. This requires lots of data and real skill to uncover meaning.

With the unique capability to work with three data sources – social media data, customer data and market data – Starcount brings a new approach to understanding customers, uncovering their aspirations and the motivations that lead to purchases, and helping brands cut through the noise with real relevance.

the business need

Knowing what your customers/audiences are going to want and need from you in the future will drive acquisition. Instead of relying on rear-view mirror insight of what customers have done, it's critical you know what your customers will do - their aspirations and motivations that lead to purchases.

If you have a long tail or infrequent customers/audiences, you need to look outside of what your own data can tell you in order to predict and influence your customers' behaviour. By focusing on just your own data, brands are in danger of creating a one dimensional, historic view of your customers/audiences.

company insights

Uniquely Starcount works with 3 complimentary data sources: your customer data, social media data, and market data, to create a complete customer view. Combined they unveil how customers/audiences spend their time and money - powerful new perspectives.

what we deliver

serving current customers/audiences better

Identification and recommendation of new and relevant products to existing customers. By having a better understanding of your customers, you are able to give your customers more of what they want by being more relevant and identify gaps to fill with new products, thus extending your customers lifetime value.

acquisition of new customers/audiences

Identification and attraction of new customers for existing products. Find lookalikes to your existing customers to find best prospects to buy your existing products. Understand this audience and speak to them through relevant channels with intelligently informed creative.

expanding your brand franchise

Evolving the business/brand into new markets. Profile a new target market to your brand and use Starcount’s recommendations to shift your brand positioning and constantly track and measure the results.

how we do it

the data

Depending on the business situation and need, Starcount are able to work with and gain insight from different sets of data.

In all situations with a 'long tail' of customers or viewers as described in the business need, Starcount's proprietary social data can inform the understanding of the customer/Viewer in the absence of repeat purchase/viewing data.

Starcount maps the connections between individuals and the entities and people that are important to them in the social space. Whether they are celebrities, brands, media, politics or any other type of profile, Starcount tracks the connection and when it was formed. This allows us to provide rich insights across the entire user base of 350million and not just that small proportion of people whom are vocal.

social expansion

Starcount maps the connections between individuals and the entities that are important to them in social space.

For acquisition, we can find lookalikes anywhere in the world.

map connections

understanding: who are my customers/audiences?

  • Customer profiles, buying patterns, behaviours, motivations and segments within your brand.
  • Passions and clusters, brand preferences, influencers and media consumption.
  • Share of wallet, switching, market trends, competitor analysis.

Delivered as an actionable customer/audience understanding report.

focus: how can I develop my business?

Opportunities: Who else might buy my products/services?

  • Identify individuals on social that have the reflective characteristics of your customers based on demographics, passions, interests and brands.
  • Calculation of the potential size of the prize through this new audience.
  • Identify market size based on brand, demographic and passion profile.

Threat: Where are they currently getting what they need from other than me?

  • Who are currently engaged with who in the brand space?
  • Calculation of whose market share you compete with?

Delivered as a strategic planning process.

valuing the significance of every customer

what we do together

DEVELOPMENT: Become more relevant to your customers/audiences

  • Product recommendation engine: Intelligent first-time product recommendations based on customer journeys.
  • Dynamic pricing models: Price elasticity models and predictions based on previous product curves by channel, category and customer segment.

COMMUNICATION: Talk to your customers/audiences in a different way

  • Content creation strategy: Inform creative content in marketing based on customer profiles and relevant brand messaging by customer segments

ACQUISITION: Engage with your new customer/audiences with relevance

  • Media recommendations: Buy media in more relevant channels to reach your best prospect customers.
  • Sponsorship partner recommendation: Intelligent sponsorship based on relevance to your best prospect customers.
  • Prospect list generation: Target best prospects on digital platforms using our lookalike audience list outputs.
  • Social activation: Delivering your message straight to your target audience.
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Starcount team

our team

Starcount has new investors and leaders - Edwina Dunn (CEO) and Clive Humby (Chief Data Scientist), the founders of the global data analytics business, dunnhumby.

dunnhumby helped transform the retail sector, most notably with Tesco in the UK (1995-2011) and Kroger in the USA (from 2004).

They have now created a team of first class Data Scientists and Software Engineers to bring you the next generation of customer/audience insight and targeting.

Starcount's legacy of success

Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby pioneered the understanding of customers using Big Data and used that insight to keep Tesco as the No. 1 grocery retailer for two decades. At the heart of dunnhumby's success was recognising the need to personally know customers and deliver to them more of what they love.

dunnhumby's sophisticated capability to use data on the combination of products purchased to describe and define an individual still forms the basis of our work today.

However now Starcount recognises the need to deeply understand customers behaviour outside of what can be inferred from grocery and loyalty card data as it only describes one aspect of someone's life. What about passion purchases? Major purchases? Purchases around life events? Decisions on how to spend leisure time?

It's crucial businesses don't only analyse data from the past, but also focus on predicting audiences and customers' wants and needs, and understand the 'why' behind their views and purchases.

working with us

Starcount becomes the engine room that powers your smart business decisions. We work with clients on an on-going basis delivering insight via data feeds, custom and enterprise platforms, and activation recommendations through in person consultancy.

what our clients say

Our expertise has already benefited the following sectors:

company industries

Our expertise has already benefited the following sectors:

  • retail
  • fmcg
  • media
  • sport
  • online
  • finance
  • telecoms
  • insurance
  • publishing
  • entertainment
  • fashion
  • e-commerce

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