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Our vision and mission at Starcount is "to bring the voice of the customer into the boardroom". We believe that knowing the customer better than anyone else helps to create sales growth and competitive advantage - a focus on relevant and timely customer service and engagement. By empowering your leadership with insight that shows not just what customers did - what they bought, when and where - but also what matters most to them in their everyday lives, we can identify motivations, mindsets and future intent.

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Starcount has a very distinct skill. It is able to combine best practice strategic insight from customer transaction systems with new era digital and social data.

Few agencies or consultancies are trusted with this combination of data; few know how to tell a story that moves insight to action to commercial gain.

We have that skill.

We have learned to combine the best of what people bought historically with what they are interested in or motivated to buy in the future.

Over the last 15 years, we pioneered functional loyalty with the biggest retailers and consumer goods organisations across the world. Now this new science allows us to explore and engage emotional loyalty. By knowing what customers will want or how their motivations change over time, Starcount can spot emerging trends – We can find the winners and losers in the race for customer loyalty and engagement.

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Starcount was born out of the transformational big data pioneers; Clive Humby and Edwina Dunn. They have created a new science business, a team that continues to champion the customer. Their skills guide brands which are striving to aggregate disparate customer and product data, set up compliance, permissions and privacy settings, create best practice customer charters and organise themselves for the digital customisation and personalisation world of the future.



In a world where the data scientist is now celebrated, it is still hard to find storytellers that can move customers towards "one more visit" and "one more item". But it is this step change that creates millions in extra sales. This science demands that you know not only what customers bought but what they are going to buy. Unless you are selling food, which is highly repetitive and frequent, this is hard to do - that is, unless you have data on people's motivations, mindsets and passions.

When Humby and Dunn used Tesco Clubcard to model demand across the UK, users were originally concerned about it being "only 16 million people" and not any Sainsbury's or Asda shoppers. Today, as we use social media data, those same dissenting voices may claim that it's only on 1 billion data points. Does that reflect the consumer across the world? We think its second to none for showing us what matters most to people today.



Our global consumer insights platform, the Observatory, harnesses all of this rich and fast moving data. It helps us to visualise instantly and at scale how consumers are motivated, their interests, their passions and where their emotional loyalty really lies, across brands, generations and cultures.

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Starcount has a first rate team of intellectually diverse experts, who are willing to be judged on financial outcomes. We are problem solvers, not just data scientists and software engineers but experienced customer storytellers. We can build intelligent customer journeys and we can embed knowledge and decision tools into transactions systems (even those behind firewalls). We can help you find a true and sustainable competitive edge.

Our business has been built on the integrity and reputation of its leaders over the last 25 years with our client list and business impact being testament to this. Although we focus on continuous improvement and investment in innovation, we are pragmatic and always mindful of the urgencies and priorities of the day job - and the team on the day job.

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